International Journal of Science and Technology (ISSN 2252-5297)
IEESE Institute of Excellent Engineer Science


Volume 1 [4] December 2012

  1. Formulation Of The Problem Of Instability Of Streaming Walters' Fluids In A Porous Medium Dr. Lekh Raj (Assistant Professor, Punjabi university neighbourhood campus, Karandi, Distt. Mansa (Punjab),India)
  2. Model Comparison for Multienvironment Trials Mohammad Masjkur ( Department of Statistics, Faculty of Sciences-Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia)
  3. Visual Information for ECG Recording of  Measure The Interval Between Deflection Muhammad Ashar1, Irmalia Suryani Faradisa2, and Dwi Cahya Pratowo3 ( 1Department of  Electrical Engineering  - Universitas Negeri Malang – Jl.Semarang 5 Malang, 2,3Department of Electrical Engineering - Insitut Teknologi Nasional Malang – Karanglo Km 10 Tasikmadu Malang, Indonesia)
  4. Fast Charge Pump Phase Locked Loop with a BBFC:A Numerical Confirmation Vahideh Sadat Sadeghi1, and Hossein Miar Naimi2, (1.2 Integrated Circuit Research Lab, Babol University of Tehnology, Babol, Iran)
  5. Reinventing Governance Inter-Regional Cooperation Efforts Reduce Behavior Arrogance and Government Reform Public Apathy attitude (abstract) Sugeng Rusmiwari1, Annisa Purwatiningsih2, Willy Tri Hardyanto3,Akhirul Aminulloh4 (1.2 Social Science and Politic Science Faculty of  Tribhuwana Tungadewi University, Malang, East Java, Indonesia)

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